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  There are 3 official languages in Norway: Bokmål, Nynorsk, and Sami. For more background information about these languages, you may find the Norwegian and Sami articles at Wikipedia useful.
    Norwegian Letters, Characters, Fonts for your Computer  
  • Norwegian Letters - Teaches you the command for how to obtain Norwegian letters on a PC.

  • Language Courses
  • NorWords - Popular Norwegian language course with online samples.
  • Sons of Norway - "Norwegian in 5 Minutes a Month." An introduction to Norwegian words and phrases.
  • BBC Norwegian Phrases - A very brief introduction to Norwegian phrases in mp3 format.

  • Dictionaries, to and from Norwegian
  • LEXIN - Norwegian to English dictionary.
    Also Norwegian - Arabic/Kurmanji/Sorani/Persian/Somali/Tamil/Tigrinya/Turkish/Urdu.
  • Freelang - Norwegian to English, English to Norwegian dictionary. 
  • Freedict - Small Norwegian to English, English to Norwegian dictionary. 
  • Websters Dictionary - Small and very commercial Norwegian to English dictionary. 
  • Heinzelnisse - Norwegian to German dictionary. 
  • TriTrans - Norwegian - English - Spanish dictionary. 
  • Wiktionary - Ever-growing collaborative multilingual dictionary. 
  • Ordnett - Dictionary to and from Norwegian, Portuguese, and Italian. 
  • NorvegMagyar - Norwegian to Hungarian, Hungarian to Norwegian dictionary. 
  • EKI - Norwegian to Estonian, Estonian to Norwegian dictionary. 
  • UiO ordbok - Norwegian dictionary from the University of Oslo. 
  • UiO nyordsbok - Norwegian dictionary for new words (with contextualization), from the University of Oslo. 

  • Dictionaries, to and from Sami
  • North Sami - English to North Sami word list with sound files. 
  • FreeLang - English to Sami, Sami to English dictionary with 5000 words. 
  • Sami grammar - Sami to English word list. 
  • Sami languages - Online lessons, word lists, and sound files. 

Norwegian Government-sponsored language schemes?

To qualify for a government-sponsored language scheme for foreign residents in Norway, you must have obtained a residence permit valid for more than 3 months and be employed by a Norwegian (not foreign) company.


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