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  Norwegian Journals PRIO - International Peace Research Institute - Oslo
News about their events, research, and publications.

Norwegian Journals FNI - The Fridtjof Nansen Institute
News of their research on international environmental, energy, and resource management politics.

Norwegian Journals CMI - Chr. Michelsen Institute
Overview of research and publications from the independent centre for research on international development and policy.

Norwegian Journals CICERO - Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo
Updated news and research, with searchable database of all their previous publications.

Norwegian Journals SUM - Center for Development and the Environment
Overview of ongoing research programs, projects, and networks.

Norwegian Journals NJG - Norwegian Journal of Geology
The latest news with a online e-journals archive.

Norwegian Journals KILDEN - Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway
News about gender research in Norway.

Norwegian Journals SINTEF - The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research
News of their latest discoveries, ongoing research, and publications.

Norwegian Journals GEMINI - GEMINI Magazine
Selection of articles looking at some of the most recent research from NTNU and SINTEF.

Norwegian Journals IFE - Institute for Energy Technology
Research news from the institute for energy and nuclear technology in Norway.

Norwegian Journals TØI - The Institute of Transport Economics
News from the national institution for transport research and development.

Norwegian Journals RCN - The Research Council of Norway
General news and updates from the Norwegian research environment.

Norwegian Journals. Norwegian Research. Forskning Norge. IMR - The Institute of Marine Research
Updates on events, news, and research from the aquaculture and ecosystems research institute.

Norwegian Journals. Norwegian Research. Forskning Norge. UNIS - The University Centre in Svalbard
Research news from the polar institute at 78°N.

Norwegian Journals. Norwegian Research. Forskning Norge. SSF - Svalbard Science Forum
News from the coordinated science forum of research done in Svalbard.

Norwegian Journals. Norwegian Research. Forskning Norge. BCCR - The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
News about the research, events, studies, and media contributions of Europe's largest climate research institute.

Norwegian Journals NUPI - Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
News of ongoing research and projects.


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